Blind leap of faith = more money = happIER housewife!

September 2, 2008

My husband did not have a very good day at work.  I think the only responsible thing to do is to take a blind leap of faith and sign on with a company we believe in.  We thoroughly researched this quickly expanding corportation and feel there is no limit on what they can achieve…or how much money we can make.

Click here for the company’s mission statement

Who’s with me???


Why settle for happy?

August 30, 2008

Things are about to get serious!

Our good friends at have done some good work…so we’re out to do better.  Why would you want to settle for happy when you could be happier?  This (fake) site isn’t going to stop at “happy”…we’re going all the way! 

We don’t want to take anything away from Thehappyhousewife.  Her site is amazing.  Please check it out if you want (serious) advice about managing your money, great home schooling tips and how to feed a family of eight for under $600/month.  We’re going to take a completely different and less realistic approach. 

Everyone knows money buys happiness.  So, we need to either cut costs or bring in more ka-ching.  Instead of taking a responsible approach let’s explore an area Thehappyhousewife has completely ignored: child labor.

For only two easy payments of $19.95 you can be first in line for thehappIERhousewife’s Professional Car Detailing service.  It’s service with a smile and a strong emphasis on safety!


(FINE PRINT:  Service does not include hood, windows, roof, areas above three feet and probably not all four tires)