Good idea made happIER

September 7, 2008

A few days ago the Happy Housewife had a good idea.  She is sick of wasting food and tired of styrofoam take-home containers.  Her common sense solution is to take tupperware containers to the restraunt…problem solved.  However, there is a much happIER solution!

Who doesn’t have garbage bags?  Exactly!!!  Why risk an awkward moment when you can wear your food home?  Here’s the happIERhousewife’s not-so-common sense solution:

Last week we brought home seven gallons of soup! 

PS:  We did not actually make the garbage bag dress.  View the…creation…at


PT just got HappIER

September 5, 2008
Lift those legs up!

Lift those legs up!

Happiness in a box!

September 4, 2008


Today I will share how my family became happIER with a few mouse clicks.  First, you need to visit and do a search for “Wii Fit”.  Several hundred returns will appear for $150 and higher, but there’s a simple trick to obtaining your very own Wii Fit if you have a tiny bit of patience.  All you need to do is sit by your computer clicking the refresh button every 30 seconds for 72-96 hours.  At some point Amazon will offer the Wii Fit for $89 so this is time well spent.  You’ll be the proud owner of you Wii Fit in a few days and it’s important to realize why you’ll become instantly happier.

First, you will probably have slept the four days it takes for your Wii Fit to arrive and you will finally feel awake after your 72-96 hour “refresh marathon”.  Next, you’ll instantly realize there’s no more need to spend children with your time outside.  Just think how much more time you’ll have to do Mommy and Daddy stuff!  Finally, and this could be most important, you’ll feel confident your children are receiving adequate physical training, which is the one area Noggin can’t provide.  Our children’s average Body Mass Index is already up to 47% (higher is better, right?!?) from our healthy Chinese diet. 

Come back soon for more fake ideas you should never even think of trying or visit for a wonderful site with fantastic advice we’re learning a lot from.