Our First Day of School

August 30, 2008

Today was our first day of school.  No need for a strict schedule or any fancy shmancy kurickilim kurklikulum cirikulum books and stuff when you’ve got Noggin!  Like they say, “It’s like preschool on TV.”  If you hear it on TV, it’s gotta be true!   We saved so much money.  No cubbies for the kids filled with supplies and future supplies.  We only needed one resource:

The Happy Housewife only had enough material to last the morning.  Her kids played outside in the afternoon.  Not our kids.  They continued to learn morning, noon and night.  Noggin provides 24 hours of endless teaching for pennies a day.  As if that’s not good enough our 6-year-old learned the color blue today thanks to seven hours of Blues Clues!!!