Good idea made happIER

A few days ago the Happy Housewife had a good idea.  She is sick of wasting food and tired of styrofoam take-home containers.  Her common sense solution is to take tupperware containers to the restraunt…problem solved.  However, there is a much happIER solution!

Who doesn’t have garbage bags?  Exactly!!!  Why risk an awkward moment when you can wear your food home?  Here’s the happIERhousewife’s not-so-common sense solution:

Last week we brought home seven gallons of soup! 

PS:  We did not actually make the garbage bag dress.  View the…creation…at


One Response to Good idea made happIER

  1. Somebody's Mimi says:

    I think you mean “thehappyhousewife” had a good idea??? I think she’s lost it. This is what happens when you blog too much, too long. It’s sad.

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