Pay for convenience!

We’ve developed a simple way to increase happiness…pay for convenience.  Consider the following example:

The Happy Housewife feeds her family of eight for $600/month, which breaks down to around $150/week.  They eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day, so each meal averages $7.14 for the family and $0.89 per person.  Quite impressive, but where’s the convenience and how can you be even happIER?

Using the same “math” and “science”, we’ve calculated how to increase your convenience 18,666%!  All you have to do is dine at a buffet every evening.  Sound too good to be true?  I’ll run through the numbers for a family of eight.  Chinese buffets, with only minor health code infractions, are available in most neighborhoods for only $7 per person.  You can literally gorge yourself (and stuff your purse/pockets/diaper bag) for only $56/day, $392/week or $1,568/month. 

Sure, that’s $968 more than the Happy Housewife spends on her total monthly food budget, but with the HappIERHouseWife Nutritional Plan you never do dishes, cook or worry about your little ones getting enough sodium and carbonated drinks.

Check back soon for more ways to live happIER or visit for realistic and creative advice you can actually use.


6 Responses to Pay for convenience!

  1. Amy says:

    I was so tired of menu planning. This is brilliant! 😀

  2. Joy says:

    This would be a great way to stay healthy too, wouldn’t it? I mean, the Chinese reportedly live much longer than the average America. And isn’t it because they always eat Chinese food like they have at those buffets?

  3. wow, after looking at your numbers I need to do better. Over $7 for breakfast? That is a shame! I have to figure out how to feed everyone for $0.25 a person at breakfast. Any ideas? How much is generic Fruity Pebbles… maybe that is an option?

  4. Somebody's Mimi says:

    I love going to dining establishments, where they greet me by name, chit chat about my family, walk me to my favorite white tableclothed booth (they know I like the quiet area), move the table to one side for easy access, without asking my favorite cocktail arrives, then my favorite salad appears (again no asking), my water glass is always filled (complimentary), quietly my check is put on the table, PLUS I earn “POINTS” for wonderful gifts and meals. And all this just for a little more than $175…. I love this place! My second choice would be “Outback”, but keep in mind they don’t have a rewards program.

  5. thehappierhousewife says:

    Somebody’s Mimi,

    That sounds like a brilliant approach! Wine can be very expensive so you’re literally saving hundreds each time you visit your favorite dining establishment. Well done…you may be ready for a guest post soon!

    I bet you become happIER with each glass, too.

  6. Found your blog while clicking around.
    This is too funny. You can wear the trash bag dress, go to the buffet and then eat for the week… That is $7 a person for the wole week!!

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